About Synchronicity

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist from the 1920s introduced the word synchronicity.  If you google it, there is a very long and complicated definition of it.  But to make it a little more understandable, here is a simple explanation:

Synchronicity is….
~ an event or occurrence that happens when there is no reasonable explanation for it
~ later you find there was a specific reason for that occurrence to happen and it had a special meaning
~ oftentimes, another related event happens which makes both things even more meaningful and connected

Diane believes in Synchronicity in all aspects of life.  Diane is English living outside of London, a mum of two small children who runs a home businesses in addition to being a professional psychic.  She had her first psychic experience at 11 years old, and has worked as a psychic clairvoyant in the UK for over 14 years.  She works on well-respected UK based psychic websites as well as providing private readings and professional psychic development.